Aurum metallicum Depression after a business failure or personal loss with feelings of guilt or betrayal. Person feels worthless and is in deep despair.

Causticum Depression associated with the death of a friend or parent. Person becomes negative and gloomy and is filled with anxious foreboding. He or she cries easily, especially over small things.

Gelsemium Person is paralyzed with grief, usually after a loss. He or she doesn’t recover from the shock, finds it difficult to cry and becomes dull and sluggish. Gelsemium is also good for mild depression after an acute illness such as the flu.

Ignatia Depression after a loss with shock, especially the loss of a child, parent, friend or pet. Person fights feelings of sadness around others by taking deep, sighing breaths and “swallowing” his or her grief.

Lachesis Depression accompanying suppression of any emotion (especially jealousy) or during an emotionally and physically stressful transition such as menopause. Worse in the morning.